What You Don’t Know about Device Grading

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What You Don’t Know about Device Grading

August 22, 2019

What You Don’t Know about Device Grading

Where does your industry or educational technology fall on the Grading scale? 


We believe in being transparent with our partners, which is why we came up with an aggregate scoring system to determine the overall condition of your devices. As a technology company, we strive to show transparency in every solution, process and step especially through our device Buyback Program. Depending on the device type, laptop tablet or Chromebook, a unique set or components are given an A-F score with an assigned weighted score. This determines the payout you will receive for your devices.  In this blog, you will discover what device grading actually is, how we grade our devices and our buyback process. 

What is Device Grading?

Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or Chromebook, when we buy back your devices, we check every component of the device, giving it an A-F letter grade. For a more detailed overview of our device grading specifications, refer to the video above. 

What each Grade Means

1 – A Grade 

A Grade devices are considered new or close to new devices. These devices may have been used once or twice in their life-cycle and are very rare to find in the world of refurbished technology. 

Quick description:

  • Like New Condition: The device is fully functional, with minimal or no noticeable signs of wear. The device has no dents, dings, cracks or chips on the housing or LCD display. 

2 – B Grade 

B Grade Devices are still a rare find in the technology industry, but they still show some signs of being used. If the device has more than 2 signs or use. They automatically move to a C Grade.

 Quick description:

  • Excellent Condition: The device is fully functional, with one or more signs of wear. The device may have dents, dings, cracks or chips on the housing and LCD display.

3 – C Grade 

C Grade Devices are our most common grades in the IT industry. There is usually light wear with some surface level scratches and minimal small dings. 

     Quick description:

  • Great Condition: The device is fully functional, with two or more signs of use and wear. The device may have minor corner dents & dings, pitting or scratched on edges, major scratching on the housing unit. The glass and digitizer will not have any cracks but may have moderate scratches.

4 – D Grade

D Grade devices are still functional devices. They may have moderate to major corner dents, dings, pitting, or scratching. In this industry, there is still significant need for D Grade technology.

    Quick description: 

  • Good Condition: Moderate wear – Some surface level scratched, one to two deeper scratched, some pitting, dings, and dents

5 – F Grade 

F Grade devices are not sold from Tech Defenders for the educational technology industry. In these devices, you may find major frame bending and minor chipping along the edges of the glass and digitizer. These may be broken down and used for parts specifically.

     Quick description:

  • Heavier wear – case scarring deeper scratches, scuffs, pitting, dings, dents, possible LCD imaging or tripped liquid damage indicator, but no sign of corrosion or liquid damage.

What is our Buyback Process?

Our Buyback Process is made up of 3 easy steps to ensure quick and fast payout. 

  1. Quotation & Retrieval

Based on the information provided to us, we generate an accurate pricing range that you can expect in return for your educational devices. From there, a representative will walk you through the Buyback process. This includes, coordinating pickup and shipment of the devices. Keep in mind, we cover the cost of retrieving your devices.

  1. Device Inspection 

As soon as we receive your devices, our Device Specialists begin the inspection phase. Each device goes through an 18-point inspection which includes the cosmetic grade functional tests, and technical notes. Based on the inspection, the device is valued for final payment. 

  1. Payment

Once all of the devices have been graded, you will receive a Reconciliation Report that will include the price and grade of each device, an overall quantity of the graded fleet, any pricing adjustments, and the total amount that you will receive for your devices. The pricing adjustments take into consideration things like school engravings or missing OEM adapters.

During the entire process, Tech Defenders strives to be transparent, give the maximum cost return to all of our buyback partners, and provide top notch services. From the quote to the pickup, we work hard to make the process convenient for you.

If you are interested in learning more about our buyback services or would like a quote for your devices, please Contact Us Today!