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We have created quality device protection plans to perfectly cater to your school district’s needs. Whether you are a small or large school, we have a solution for you. Our protection plans are the most cost-effective on the market, while still offering industry-leading device repair. With our eduBUYBACK program (selling your devices), we provide an additional 10% bonus credit that can be used for any of our other products: device protection plans, repairs or cases. 


Two Options

Repair As Needed
The Repair As Needed (RAN) plan allows you to be flexible and send in repair whenever you need it. There is zero obligation or contract, while still gaining access to our one of a kind repair management system. 
Unlimited Claims
This protection plan allows you the most flexibility when it comes to managing your device repair. By covering every device in your fleet with unlimited repairs, you’ll have instant claim approval and the ultimate peace of mind that any of your damaged devices will be back in the hands of your students as soon as possible.

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