Repair & Refurbishing Services

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With industry-leading technicians and a highly flexible workforce, Tech Defenders has unmatched quality and processing standards. We have the capacity to repair/refurbish over 1,000 devices a day and can fix anything from a broken key all the way to motherboard level damage.
We offer a variety of value-added services, like resurfacing tops and bottoms, corner unbending, missing key replacements, and cosmetic refurbishment, adding even more value to your technology.


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Why Choose Tech Defenders?

Repair Expertise
We have the expertise to perform the most delicate repair and the capacity to handle lots of any size. Our quality repair process restores and improves the value of the device to a resellable state.
Processing Time
In our 73,000 sq ft processing and repair center, our certified technicians have the ability to turn around even the largest device lots quickly. 
In-House Supply
To meet our partners’ repair and refurbishing needs, we source parts harvested in-house as well as from our sister company, Mobile Defenders. This ensures zero delays on supply and an increased reclamation rate.

Our Repair Process

Our partners have the ability to submit repairs easily with our simple 4-step process:

Step 1

Create a device repair within your repairWATCH platform.

Step 2

Pack up the devices that need to be repaired with the shipping materials we can provide you.

Step 3

Once we have the device in-house, we quickly repair them!

Step 4

We ship your devices back to you for free!

Meet the Procurement Team

Josh Verhulst
Josh Verhulst
Director of Business Development
Josiah Chappell
Josiah Chappell
Director of Product Management
Austin Morely
Austin Morely
Procurement Coordinator

Products We Repair

We specialize in all laptops including Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows devices. We purchase devices in all conditions from most major manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and Samsung.
We specialize in all tablets including iPads, Surfaces, and Android devices. We purchase devices in all conditions from most major manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and Samsung.
Additional Technology
We repair most mobile devices and other technology

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