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Our Giveback Program

Everyone deserves access to technology, yet we are aware that there exists a digital divide. Tech Defenders wants to change that.

We are in a time where hand-held technology continues to evolve and shape our lives and entire communities of people. It unites the world and provides education, communication, and collaboration.

All too often, these devices are disposed of as trash when they are considered too slow, too old, or simply too broken to use. We built our business around the repurposing and remarketing of these same devices with the intention of placing them back into a user’s hands where they can continue to provide value and enrich someone’s life cost-effectively. This is why we built a program with a dedicated mission to finding schools, groups, and communities that would benefit from having technology in their hands.

If your organization is interested in a device donation, please fill out the form below. Our company’s community relations team meets on the 1st of every month to review submissions and determine which aligns with our company’s values and the impact of each on the community and decide which should be funded. To further the impact of our donation, we set aside a certain number of devices we donate each quarter. If your organization is not chosen, then we encourage organizations to re-submit once a year.

As a matter of policy, we will not fund projects or organizations that are of a political nature, or those that we deem do not serve the community’s best interests in their mission or proposal.


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